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Enjoy the power of veggies, legumes and quinoa with our signature miso-infused organic veggie broth this winter. Bursting with flavor, each bowl will nourish you from head to toe, boost your immune system and metabolism. Add a protein or vegan protein if you are really hungry, always finished with a wheel of zesty lemon – Soup on!


Quinoa & Chickpeas

Loaded with fiber, this hearty vegan soup bowl features the power of chickpeas, portobello mushrooms, spinach and our signature savory organic veggie and miso broth.

*Availability may vary by location.


Quinoa & Lentils

Rich in protein and folate, these little legumes pack a ton of nutrition! Combined with fresh kale, quinoa, and crunchy cabbage, this soup bowl will keep you full and fueled all day long.

*Availability may vary by location.