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Holistic Habits by Cheryl A. Mothes, Ph.D. Natural Health Nutrition Counselor (24)

Thanksgiving week is a great opportunity to teach children what the pilgrims ate 400 years ago – whole food with a plant slant, like squash, corn, and beans. Here’s a great vegan mushroom dressing for this marvelous Meatless Monday!

Holistic Habits by Cheryl A. Mothes, Ph.D. Natural Health Nutrition Counselor (23)

Current estimates suggest that alcohol consumption causes about 6% of all cancer deaths worldwide. In men, alcohol causes mostly head, neck, and gastrointestinal cancers, whereas it is mostly breast cancer in women. Alcohol appears to cause more than 100,000 cases of breast cancer every year! And it is not just heavy drinkers.

Holistic Habits by Cheryl A. Mothes, Ph.D. Natural Health Nutrition Counselor (22)

Although the adverse health effects of secondhand tobacco smoke are well recognized, the impact of burning incense in the home has received much less attention – why is that, since burning incense has been found to generate four times the particulate matter as cigarettes – so incense may be even worse! In fact, home incense use may have significant adverse health effects, particularly on the heart and lungs, including childhood asthma.

Tired of today’s fast food culture? Well, so are we, and we’re doing something about it in a big way.
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  • Our Fresh Healthy Café at Saint Francis Medical Center is a partnership dream come true. We are provided with the opportunity to serve superior, all-natural food in a climate that embraces health and fitness. Since opening, our Fresh Healthy Cafe has become the “buzz” within our community and a h ealthy dining destination for employees, patients and community members. Hardly a day passes where a customer doesn’t thank us for bringing the “Fresh” experience to our community.

    Rick Hetzel & Cheryl Mothes, Fresh Master FranchiseeMissouri Fresh
  • I have been involved with FRESH for three years now. I have three restaurants in my region and two more coming up this year. It turned to be a very profitable opportunity for my family, while ‘spreading health around!’ FRESH is certainly a pioneer in this industry; our menu is the most balanced and healthy that I’ve seen and people are very appreciative of it. FRESH stays on top of all new, healthy trends and is growing rapidly across the world.

    Al Krasel, Master Franchisee, North East Ohio
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