We grill a perfect panini every time – the proof is in the grill marks!

Crunchy,ย warm, and melty – you CAN have it all!

Turkey Bacon Avocado

Contains over 30 grams of protein and rich in naturally good fats, this simple and hearty panini is easily a crowd favorite!

*Availability may vary by location.

Turkey Pesto

Fragrant and tangy, this hot-pressed panini hits every note! Crunchy on the outside, gooey and savory on the inside – delizioso!

*Availability may vary by location.

BBQ Chicken

A taste of Summer in every delicious bite!

*Availability may vary by location.

Spicy Chicken

Turn up the heat with spicy chicken breast, melted cheese and crunchy veggies in a warm and crusty pressed sandwich.

*Availability may vary by location.

Veggie Portobello

This hot pressed portobello mushroom sandwich is layered with fresh spinach, mozzarella, red pepper, red onion, finished with balsamic vinaigrette.

*Availability may vary by location.