power bowls

We’ve been drooling over Power Bowls! Instead of slurping down a smoothie, try spoon up (and chew) each and every bite. Power Bowls will introduce a new textural experience that you won’t get from a regular smoothie – what are you waiting for?

Pitaya Bowl

Unleash your inner “Dragon” with this hot pink antioxidant bowl made with the Pitaya fruit (also known as Dragon Fruit)! This creamy tropical twist on the classic parfait will have you energized all day long.

*Availability may vary by location.

Acai Bowl

Acai are tasty wild-grown berries straight from the Amazon rainforest, always jam packed with omega 3’s and antioxidants. We blend organic acai with strawberries and banana, and top it with crunchy granola, fresh blueberries and sliced bananas to make the best Acai Bowl on this side of the universe!

*Availability may vary by location.

PB2 Bowl

Peanut butter and banana are a creamy twosome match made in heaven! This nutty bowl is topped with bananas, strawberries, granola, fresh blueberries, coconut flakes and a dash of honey.

*Availability may vary by location.

Greek Yogurt Bowl

Creamy, velvety smooth and low in fat, our Greek yogurt is jam packed with protein! Perfect for after a long run or workout, this bowl will replenish your body so you can get back to being fabulous!

*Availability may vary by location.