Can Restaurant Franchises Care?

Recently people have become more fixated on the priority of healthy living, both individually and as a planet. When you’re looking at restaurant franchises, is it possible to find one that considers your health and the health of the earth?

FRESH Cafe are restaurant franchises that care

Be kind to yourself, be kind to the earth

When you are looking at restaurant franchises, FRESH Café is a rare opportunity that has always made this connection to our healthy values. Our nutritious menu, fresh ingredients, organic coffees and teas and our use of biocompostable cups is our commitment to a healthy community and a healthy earth.

FRESH Restaurant franchise are kind to the earth

FRESH smoothies are good for you and kind to the earth

We encourage our restaurant franchises to look at their communities and join forces with several other green companies (local energy suppliers, health and wellness providers, etc.) to raise awareness about our responsibility to preserve our planet’s resources and celebrate our organic heritage. This is a perfect opportunity for your FRESH Café to really become involved in their community and provide education and resources for anyone that wants to more earth friendly. This is different than other restaurant franchises that only care about the bottom line. FRESH Cafe believes that you can still have an amazingly successful business, offer both delicious and healthy food, and be kind to the earth.

Another way that a FRESH Café can connect, support and give back to their local community is to find out about their area’s schools, kids’ sports teams, scout and girl guide troops, or church groups, there is no shortage of organizations in your community looking for ways to get support. Helping others is a priority for FRESH Café because we truly believe in making a significant difference by supporting many good and local causes. FRESH Cafe encourages all of our restaurant franchises to cultivate a reputation as a business that cares about the community, it’s people, and the planet by connecting to their community and find out what really matters.

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