Combat Sugar Cravings Naturally

We all have those moments where we crave our favourite guilty pleasure. For most, it tends to be something sweet like a big bowl of ice cream or chocolate cake craving that hits out of nowhere. Often the cause of those cravings can be due to an unbalanced day, especially if one of your meals was processed food or high in starch. Eating properly balanced meals not only gives your body energy and fuel for the day but also can help to prevent sugar lows which can cause cravings.

Here are a few tips to help combat sugar cravings naturally.

Protein Is Key

Protein Bowl from Fresh Healthy Cafe

Having the right amount of protein in your diet helps build muscle and fight off fat at the same time. This is great if you are a seafood lover or have meals which include meats like chicken or pork, but what if you don’t eat meat? Finding other foods which are high in protein is especially important for those who are vegetarian or lactose intolerant. Foods like eggs, beans, quinoa and spinach are great sources of protein.

Don’t Let Hunger Grow

Southwest Chicken Wrap from Fresh Healthy Cafe

Sure, days can get hectic where finding the time to sit and eat seems impossible. If you allow yourself to get hungry and don’t give your body the fuel it needs, odds are you are going to crash faster and harder. Fighting those sugar cravings does become harder the hungrier your body is. Keeping snacks like nuts and fruit on hand throughout the day can prevent a bowl of ice cream calling your name later in the day!

Juice Those Cravings GoodBye

Beet Punch from Fresh Healthy Cafe

If you’re feeling sluggish midday and suddenly get the idea to turn to something sweet, just to pick you up a little, STOP! There are ways to naturally boost energy and have something sweet tasting to combat sugar cravings. Beet juice has become the “go to” for athletes around the globe. So much, that beet crystals in a single serve pouch has become very popular. Although convenient, nothing beats… beets! In its raw form, beet juice works like a natural booster to increase the oxygen your body absorbs. The juice is amazing for heart and blood pressure health, fights inflammation, and as an extra bonus help to fight ageing with their high levels of antioxidants. They also have a naturally sweet taste which helps tell your brain that your body doesn’t need that extra sugar. Fresh pressed juices are a great option for those days when you don’t eat as well as you should, and a healthy option when time is of the essence.

Next time you’re looking for combat sugar cravings, stop by one of our Fresh Healthy Cafe locations and order up one of our fresh pressed beet juices!

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