Easy Ways to Increase Your Daily Activity

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As a part of a healthy lifestyle, daily physical activity has been shown to lower risk for many types of diseases, including cancer, and diabetes.make exercise a part of your healthy lifestyle

If you don’t have time to join a gym, there are some easy ways that you can increase your daily physical activity simply by making a few changes to your regular regimen.

Purchasing a pedometer will help keep track of the number of steps that you can get in a day. Augmented with at least 15 minutes of sustained exercise (jogging, skipping, running, or biking), along with these daily changes, can count towards the other 15 minutes of exercise required to achieve the benefits of regular exercise.

  1. Take the stairs. Stairs work two fold by providing resistance/incline along with aerobic activity. Try to take them at a brisker pace to really maximize the benefits of this activity. To really challenge that healthy lifestyle, take them two at a time, or even side ways. Make sure you’ve got your pedometer on you to make it count!
  2. Spend at least 20 minutes cleaning your home every day. Keep that core tight when you’re dusting, and sweeping. Make deep squat knee bends when you’re picking up things off of the floor, and flex your thighs and glutes when you’re dusting higher shelves. Not only will your house sparkle and shine, but you’ll will too.
  3. Park in a far spot. Instead of looking for the closest spot to the door, park the furthest away. If it’s raining, jog with your umbrella to increase your heart rate. Parking in a further spot will mean you’re out of your car sooner, but also increase the number of steps you’re taking each day.
  4. Spend time in your garden. Picking weeds in a sun is a great way to boost your mood, and increase your movement. Digging with a shovel, and tilling dirt is both a cardio and strength exercise. Just make sure you’re wearing a hat and staying properly hydrated in the hot sun.
  5. Walk or bike to nearby destinations. Choose steeper or inclines wherever you can will increase your overall output, burn more calories, and strengthen legs and your core.
  6. Stand at work. Instead of sitting at your desk, see if you can spend some time standing while you work. This burns more calories, strengthens your cardiovascular system, and improves your core and posture.
  7. Walk after a meal like lunch or dinner. As a part of a healthy lifestyle, even a short walk increases your metabolism and accelerates digestion.

To achieve a healthy lifestyle, you’ll need to find unique ways where you can increase your steps and heart rate each day. Kneading multigrain bread vigorously, raking leaves, and moping are small ways to uniquely add physical activity every day.

Eating a balanced meal after a day of physical activity will help to repair muscles, support immune function, and deliver necessary vitamins and minerals. FRESH wraps and panini’s ingredients are chosen to create delicious meals that are nutrient dense. FRESH Turkey Bacon Avocado panini and the Southwestern Fiesta wrap are a delicious way to re-fuel and nurture your body. Visit your local FRESH today.

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