End of Summer Bucket List

September is here, school has started for the kids and soon enough Fall will be here. There’s still enough time and sunshine to get in a few last Summer activities. Here’s a Summer bucket list we’ve made to help you get the most out of the time left.

Family Dinner Picnic

Take a break from cooking a big meal in or grabbing something on the way home and plan a backyard picnic for dinner instead. Whip up some sandwiches for the family, a side salad and healthy snacks, and “cop a squat” on the grass while you still can! There will be lots of time over the next few months to eat dinner at the table. Need some inspiration? Check out our Fresh Healthy Cafe paninis!

Bike Ride In The Park

Why not cruise the neighbourhood and enjoy the great outdoors, in your own backyard? Depending on where you live, you may have to suffer from a very wet Fall bike ride if you live on the West Coast of North America and if you live on the East Coast, well then, you probably will have to store those wheels for winter. The changing colours of the season can be amazing soon enough, but for now get out and enjoy the end of Summer warm rays of sunshine.


Find Any Excuse To Wear Sandals

Break out those warm socks and boots but NOT YET! Ladies, you’ve got a few more weeks of open toe weather to show off those freshly pedicured footies. Go for a stroll along a sandy beach and enjoy the warm sand between your toes. There’s always a good reason to enjoy summer shoe weather. By the time Christmas season arrives you’ll be pretty tired of heavy socks and not the ones waiting to be filled by Santa! Walk on the cool morning grass barefoot, go wading at the beach, just let those little piggies free.


Plan A Staycation Under The Stars

Sure summer vacation may be over and if you have little ones running around the house, that means school is back and with it, daily routines. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely be without the chance to get away, even if it’s somewhere local. With the camping season ending, you can get some great deals on lower campsite fees, clearance sales on camping gear and even special offers on lake cabins who are soon closing down for the season. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a staycation. Check out your local campsites (Parks Canada/Reserve America), pack up the gear and getaway somewhere near for the weekend to enjoy a cool end of summer evening under the stars.


Stock Up On Fresh Summer Fruit

There’s still some time to get your jam on – berry that is! Depending on where you live, August is prime picking for fresh summer berries. Many fruit farms have some great end of summer sales on frozen berries, which you can turn into homemade jams or fruit pie filling to fill that void when winter comes along.

However you choose to spend your last couple of weeks of Summer, enjoy the sunshine, the company of friends & family, and the delicious farm fresh food that comes around only once a year. Do you have a favourite summer activity that you’ll miss more than any other once the warm weather ends? Share your thoughts with us Facebook or Instagram!

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