Franchise Versus Non-franchise Businesses

what's the difference between a franchise and non-franchise businessThere are many considerations when choosing to buy a franchise, or invest in your own business idea. A lot depends on your business idea, or how new your business is.  There could be complex issues. Here’s what to consider when buying a franchise versus starting your own business:

Management. You are responsible for the day-to-day running of the business, and you must do this while adhering to the Franchise Operations guide. This is to protect the brand, and deliver a consistent product and service to customers. The nature of the franchise is one where the brand is continuously marketed. This happens without the need of a lot of daily input from franchises. The level of management provided by franchises is organized to produce a successful result. It does not require prior business knowledge from owners. The objective is a simplified system, monitored by the franchisor. This assists in improving business practices and the good or service.

There isn’t a need for high level management in the day to day operations, which is simpler and less stressful for the franchise owner.

Reduced overall costs. When you are starting a business with little to no experience, it is difficult to understand and manage costs. What to expect in costs, and budgeting is fundamental in a healthy business in order to manage cash flow. Plus you need to be able to pay for rent, products, and employees. A franchise has been through the painful experience of start up numerous times. If they’re successful they’ve done it on many occasions. This means that they will have an understanding of the most cost-effective way for the business to start up, develop, and run, as well as grow in the future.

Fast growth. Franchises can grow quickly because the foundation of the brand has already been established. You don’t need to put in effort to promote your brand. You will be recognized and ready to introduce your product or service. Getting repeat business is already built in with a franchise. Franchises already have a proven track record of success, are reputable, and the brand is well known. Without the obstacles of having to first establish your business, growth can be fast. Moreover, your focus is on outreach and customer service, things that will improve your bottom line.

Easier recruitment. Well-known brands generally have a loyal following, and are generally freed from the often tedious and time-consuming task of continuously having to recruit and train employees. Established branded franchises are seen as reliable, and more people will choose to apply to work with the brand, holding it in a higher regard.

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