Franchising: The Priority of Uniformity

fresh-restaurant-franchisesOne of the unique challenges of running a franchise operation is striking the right balance between the freedom of each store to meet the unique needs of their local market, and the necessity of consistency across all Café Fresh outlets.

As a business owner or manager, you likely have an entrepreneurial spirit that motivates you to step outside the box and try new things; yet corporately, we have to maintain a strong brand image and ensure that customers know what to expect when they visit a Café Fresh, whether it’s in Seattle, Tampa or Philadelphia.

As you no doubt realize, uniformity is a fundamental principle to the success of a franchise. There must be consistency from store to store. By having the same products in all of our outlets, with consistent levels of service, we are able to build confidence in the mind of the customer, which drives people to our brand. Our viability as a chain depends upon conformity to the proven Café Fresh system.

Imagine a customer at McDonald’s being told, “I’m sorry, we don’t offer Big Macs at this location.” Or picture their surprise if they discovered that this McDonald’s makes their fries out of yams instead of potatoes. (Forgive the McDonald’s reference, but it’s an illustration you all understand!) The franchise system breaks down when the individual stores stray from the standards that have been put in place.

Maintaining uniformity has been a significant challenge in the short history of Café Fresh. As we anticipate tremendous growth over the next few years, it’s something that we need to hit the target on now, so that the brand remains something we can all be proud of.

This Fresh Franchise issue plays out in a number of specific ways.

  • Menu Items and Specials
  • Recipes
  • Grab and Go
  • Uniforms
  • Promotional Material

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