Fresh Café Appreciates Its Customers

Fresh Cafe appreciates our customersSpring and summer are our busy seasons, and reminds us just how important our customers are to the FRESH Café.

It’s why we invest in our community. Our customers live in it. It’s why FRESH Café cares about the environment.

We show our appreciation to our customers every day, by providing great tasting and nutritious food and beverages, and by serving it with excellent customer service. Customers can always expect this, daily, when they walk into our restaurants. Whether you dine in, take-out, or you’re just grabbing and going, we want to make your experience a great one that you will be compelled to share with your friends and family.

However, for special occasions, FRESH Café will host a Customer Appreciation Day! These days are not mandated, and will differ from location to location. What you can expect is a lot of concerted effort to ensure that you, the customer feels extra appreciated.

How do you know that your local FRESH Café is having a Customer Appreciation Day? Look for posters in your local store and throughout the community. You might even receive a flyer in your mailbox (with a sweet coupon too).

Your local community events calendar, or newspaper might promote the event. Your local FRESH Café may even partner with other businesses!

Another special reason that Customer Appreciation Days are extra special, is the deals, coupons, and offers made by FRESH. It’s a great time to bring in your friends and family to try a healthy fast food option.

The best way to ensure that you never miss out on an awesome FRESH Café Customer Appreciation Day is to sign up with your email address at you local FRESH. This way, you’ll never miss out on any of our incredible events, deals, special offers, or new seasonal menu.

Ready to eat some delicious and fresh? Check out our seasonal menu options right now!.

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