Fresh Healthy Café in Boise!

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of the newest Fresh Healthy Cafe franchise, in the heart of downtown Boise. We want to welcome the newest additions to the Fresh family, Zaira and Eric. Next time you’re in the downtown area, be sure to drop in to meet the team, check out our healthy choice menu and grab lunch or a healthy fresh squeezed juice! A little bit about Zaira and Eric…

I am an island girl, I have spent a lot of my days on the beach, currently, I am far away from it, but I know for sure, one day we will live on the beach, so I am good! I have two beautiful kids and one awesome husband!

We have very strong personalities and we can get very competitive, and be challenging, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

It’s fun, irritating, but we learn so much from each other. I love to spend time with my family, read, dance, listen to music, paint, travel, make awesome fondant cakes and organise cool birthday parties for the kids. Recently, Eric and I are learning to play tennis, it’s something we can do together, exercise and compete. Right up our alley!

Eric loves improving himself day in and out, he is always looking for ways to make his life, and his family’s life better. He Loves College Football, it is practically a holiday in our house! He loves relaxing with family and friends, travelling, and seeking out new adventures.

Q: How long have you lived in the neighbourhood?

A: We have lived in Idaho for 3 years and counting! Boise and surrounding areas are beautiful, we love it! It’s a great place to raise our kids, we couldn’t be happier!

Q: What made you decide to open a Fresh Healthy Café

A: Ever since our relationship began, Eric would be on the road working on Green Energy projects, that paid great money but left a lot to be desired in the family front life. After 4 years, he decided he couldn’t and wouldn’t deal with the distance and constant flying back home. So, he decided to do something about it and began searching for franchises that would go along with his passion for healthy food. And here we are!

Q: How has healthy eating impacted your lifestyle?

A: Since we met, we have been searching for better ways of eating. Eric has a constant drive to improve himself, and that includes the way he feels, and it all goes back to what foods he puts in his body. Our first adventure together on the “Road to Health” was when Eric convinced me to detox with him. At the time, I was suffering from high blood pressure as result of my first child. I refused to take medication because I did not like the side effects of it. Eric and I lived on pure vegetable juice for 10 days, and I kid you not, after that my high blood pressure has never returned! So, I am very grateful for Eric’s obsession with eating better. We knew we had to make more efforts to change our lifestyle. Eric always spoke about helping people, and how irritating it was that he could never find a “quick service” at airports and other places for fast healthy food. We obtained from eating at fast food restaurants because we know it’s not the best quality food to put in our bodies.

Ultimately, it hasn’t been a change from one day to the next, but more of a slow and steady process, which we are proud of!

We couldn’t be happier about sharing our experiences, and passion for Healthier eating with everyone in Boise!

Q: What are some of your future Business Goals?

A: Our business goals are to have a great fan base for our first store in Boise. Creating the best Healthy Fast Food experience, and creating a steady customer base for delivery and catering. We would love to have 3 stores open by the next 2 years.

Q: What type of local businesses or community groups do you think could use Fresh Healthy Café’s services?

A: Everyone! We know for sure, that there is a real appreciation for Healthy Eating in Boise, and or the environment, so for sure people are already feeling extremely excited about having a fast food restaurant that is healthy and environmentally friendly. Gym members, yoga fans, cycling clubs, schools, vegan groups, vegetarian groups, healthy eaters, kids, college kids….basically, Everyone!

Be sure to come by the new Fresh Healthy Cafe in downtown Boise and meet Zaira and Eric. See for yourself just how wonderful they are!

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