Fresh Faces in Wiregrass

Fresh Healthy Cafe is thrilled to announce the news of our newest franchise owners Michael and Emily!

Both originally from Florida (Michael’s family from Saint Petersburg and Emily’s from West Palm Beach) the two first met while serving in active duty as US Army Air Defence Artillery officers. They met in Oklahoma in January of 2014 where their relationship blossomed quickly. By the end of the year, the two were married but found themselves on opposite sides of the world.

Michael was on his way to the Middle East while Emily was being stationed in Hawaii. It would be 2 long years for the newlyweds before Michael would return home to join Emily in Hawaii. But by the time Michael arrived, it was Emily’s turn to serve overseas. She was sent to Japan and Michael to Korea. Although there were brief windows where the two would alternate missions between Japan and Korea, the time they did have together wasn’t much at all. Although barely in the same place at the same time, the young couple started thinking about their future together.

Once their Army commitments were completed, they were excited and eager to start planting roots in their home state of Florida. “It’s nice to be back in the Florida sun and close to the waterfront, but the biggest perk is being closer to our families. We are finally able to live in the same time zone and visit much more often than we could in the military.” In January of 2017, they moved back to the Tampa area and started searching for businesses.

“We loved the idea of serving our new community with healthy choices to compete with unhealthy options.”

Both passionate and with a history of living an active lifestyle, eating well and physical fitness, Fresh Healthy Cafe was the perfect fit for Michael and Emily. “We chose to invest in the Fresh franchise because we loved the idea of serving our new community with healthy choices to compete with unhealthy options. It’s important for us to be positive influences in our community.”

What advice do Michael and Emily have for those looking to understand more about living a healthy and active lifestyle?

“In the Army, physical fitness is a daily part of your job. You learn early on that, food is fuel for your body. Every morning between 6:00 AM and 7:30 AM is dedicated to physical fitness. If you eat a greasy meal or drink the night before physical fitness training you’re going to feel it and struggle. As a leader of soldiers, you do not want to be the one out there struggling. Long story short, you get out what you put in so it is essential to fuel your body with good energy so you can perform optimally.”

It has always been a dream of Michael and Emily to own and operate their own business and have fun while doing it. These two are truly living the dream they set out to achieve!

Congratulations to this amazing couple on their new Fresh Healthy Cafe franchise! Be sure to visit them at their store location in Tampa, order ahead on their online store, and follow them on social:


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