Fresh Healthy Cafe Opens It’s Doors In Novi

We are thrilled to announce the opening our Novi Michigan location was an absolute hit! Already receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, Brad Valls and Mike Kruckeberg, new Master Franchisees in the Novi community, won’t be catching their breath any time soon. Located in the family-oriented shopping and dining destination, Twelve Oaks Mall, we are ready to serve up fresh eats to northwest Detroit just in time for the holidays!

Believing in the Fresh brand and their community is a big part of why Brad and Mike chose to partner with Fresh Healthy Cafe. Wanting to open a business that offers healthy food choices and supports the local community, connects all of our location owners.

Friends turn business partners! Pictured: Mike Kruckeberg (left) and Brad Valls (right)

The two didn’t just meet as business partners, they have been friends since grade 1 in elementary school. Both are married with their own families and living in the area for years now. Before they became interested in being partners of a Fresh Healthy Cafe franchise they had been business partners in their business where they were partners in insurance agencies. 

“We wanted to run a business with a product we felt good about offering, as well as a brand that had a lot of growth potential.”


Mike opens up on his vision and hopes with Fresh, “we believe the food industry allowed for the type of growth strategy we were looking for. A business that had a large amount of staff and management availability, which the food service industry has. We also [hope to] help develop the success of other franchise owners as Master Franchise operators.   It was also important for me personally to run a business where my family could be a part of.  Our neighbours, friends and family are definitely excited that we are opening a healthy option for eating. The feedback has been the excitement for a fast-casual brand that actually serves healthy food; it’s something that really isn’t available.”

Today more and more people like Brad and Mike are choosing to eat healthier and live a more active lifestyle. This team not only made this choice not only on a personal level but as an exciting new business venture as well. In addition to this location, they also have three more locations currently in process and plan to open a fourth unit and develop the State of Michigan. 



COMING SOON! The first Fresh Healthy Cafe drive-thru!

Conceptual Rendering of NEW Fresh Royal Oak Drive Thru Location

The first Fresh drive-thru facility is currently underway thanks to Brad and Mike and we can’t wait to share more with our fans as we inch closer to completion. Although the drive-thru window won’t be operating quite yet, you can follow the Facebook page for more information, location map and new job openings.

We are beyond excited to have Brad and Mike join the Fresh Healthy Cafe family and wish them all the success as our other franchise owners have received! Be sure to stop by during their grand opening week and welcome them as proud new business owners to the Novi community!

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