Take a FRESH Trip to the Tropics

Want the taste of paradise without getting on a plane? FRESH Café offers these island inspired delights that will whisk you away on a tropical journey, without breaking the bank.

try a fresh tropical fruit pitaya or dragon fruitThese naturally delicious fruits not only taste great, but are good for you too.


This amazing fruit is exceptionally beautiful on the inside and out. Protected with a thick petal like skin in bright colours like hot pink, the flesh can be various colours like yellow and pure white, speckled with black seeds. Their beauty is not skin deep as this fruit boasts impressive benefits including being rich in antioxidants. Also known as dragon fruit, the seeds contain omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and also contain vital nutrients like carotene and lycopene, as well as calcium, iron, and phosphorous, all needed for optimum body functionality.

Try this exotic fruit in our Pitaya Passion Super Smoothie and Pitaya Power Bowl.


This super fruit is exceptionally high in dietary fiber and vitamin C, and aids in digestion and improving the body’s natural healing abilities are among some of mango’s health benefits.

You can find IQF mangos in the Caribbean Splash, and Mango Mania Fresh Pure Smoothies, and Kale Pineapple Fresh Super Smoothies. In addition, mango sorbet is used in the Tropical Peach Fresh Smoothie and Pitaya Passion Fresh Super Smoothie. It is also available as a 100% pure fruit juice, and as a Fresh Infused Iced Tea.


Our IQF pineapples help the body break down protein and convert it into energy, while also combating a variety of intestinal disorders.

IQF pineapple is used in the new recipes for the Pineapple Paradise, and Tropical Peach Fresh Pure Smoothies, Kale Pineapple, Jolly Green, and Pitaya Passion Fresh Super Smoothies, as well as the Pitaya Bowl. Pineapple juice is also on the menu as a 100% fruit juice and as a Fresh Ice Tea flavor.

Look no further than your nearest FRESH Restaurant for a delicious escape without packing your bags.

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