Holistic Habits by Cheryl A. Mothes, Ph.D. Natural Health Nutrition Counselor

You may remember that in 2020, the FDA called for the immediate withdrawal of a popular acid reflux medication called Zantac because it had high levels of NDMA, a contaminant that has a cancer risk exceeding many potent carcinogens, including asbestos. In the FDA’s decision to pull Zantac off the shelves, they stated that the NDMA levels were like what you would expect to be exposed to if you ate grilled or smoked meats…. what?!! Yes, they feel ninety-six nanograms a day is acceptable, and Zantac had one hundred. Half a chicken breast contains 110. :/ It is a great reason to give meatless Monday a try today! Go to meatlessmonday.com for great ways to make it happen.

Social media platforms have been in the news a LOT recently, and they use specific techniques to get us hooked on their technology. Billions of us are addicted to our screens – and exploiting five universal psychological vulnerabilities is how it happens. They give us intermittent, variable rewards (just like slot machines), fulfill our need to be seen, our need to reciprocate, the fear of missing out, and constantly comparing ourselves to others. If you want to check your own habit, there is a free app called “Moment” that tracks your phone and app usage. But it is more than that – we watch (on average) 5 hours of TV a day! Rather than hoping regulation will fix it, start tracking your screen usage – you can free up 2 hours a day by getting it under control.

There is a growing interest in “simplifying” and becoming more minimalists, and considering the average American household is estimated to hold 300,000 separate items, it should be easy to cut back! Minimalism involves owning less, practicing sufficiency, and improving our quality of life by not indulging in consumerism. Minimalist lifestyles result in more family and friend time, more volunteering, and less stress. Clutter and lack of contentment, always wanting to have more is linked to depression, fatigue, and higher levels of stress. Search for the “Living Lighter Checklist” to find ways to start the journey!

We have talked about those who live the longest and best, the five areas of the world called the Blue Zones, all practice some form of “downshifting” – relaxation and meditation. Meditation has been considered a “soft practice” that is good in theory but probably not all that important. But studies show a clear relationship between stress and aging, and between meditation and stress reduction. Eastern traditions have long claimed that meditation slows aging and lengthens life – and there is now evidence that stress damages our genes, therefore our health, and we can indeed reverse it with meditation. Try a free meditation app like Insight Timer to gradually build up to 15 minutes a day to live stronger AND longer!

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for our emotional, physical, and psychological health and even children struggle with it sometimes. There is a “Baby Dream Machine” that is designed for children, but many parents end up using it too! It is a 5-in-1 cute machine that uses a night light, red light therapy, a sound machine, cool-mist humidifier, and aromatherapy.

Sounds divine! Parents report that 93% of the children sleep better and longer – better for everyone! Go to thebabydreammachine.com to check it out!

From the archives:

Meatless Monday’s healthy habit is all about SPRING CLEANING – We “clean house”, like washing the windows and more when we do spring cleaning, but why not have a cleanse of this wonderful body of ours by doing some simple and natural detox steps? Our bodies are designed to clean out toxins on their own, but we have overloaded those systems with our lifestyles and the environment we live in – so stay tuned all week to learn simple hacks to detox! Speaking of which, you can do a great 1-, 2- or 3-day juice cleanse from Fresh Healthy Cafe’ to jump start it that spring clean!

Tuesday’s power of the plate tip for spring cleaning reminds us that simple diet changes can help sweep toxins out of our bodies. Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and kale promote enzymes that are CRITICAL in helping get rid of toxins. So power up your plates with cruciferous vegetables to cleanse on the inside!

Wednesday’s holistic health habit for spring cleaning of our bodies is to EAT MORE FIBER. We have said it many times, but here is the deal: fiber BINDS to toxins so they can be transported out of our bodies! Peas, raspberries, pears, apples, brussels sprouts – all are high in soluble fiber to keep us healthier.

Thursday’s holistic habit to live longer and stronger and spring clean is to eat more berries, green tea, and turmeric because they are helpful with their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They support our lymphatic systems to rid our bodies of toxins and make us FEEL better, FUNCTION better, and LIVE longer!

Friday’s health on the shelf message for spring cleaning of our bodies is to create a more alkaline environment internally by eating more greens, fruits, vegetables, minerals, and antioxidants. Excess acid, caused by eating processed foods and meats, renders our cells less resilient to stress and causes many issues, including fatigue and illness. So load up your health on the shelf with good foods to not only do a spring cleaning, but continually help your body live longer and stronger! And if you have not already, do a great 1-, 2- or 3-day juice cleanse from Fresh Healthy Cafe’ to jump start it that spring clean!

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