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One of the unique challenges of running a fast food franchise operation is striking the right balance between the freedom of each store to meet the unique needs of their local market, and providing consistent food and service across all FRESH Café outlets. As a business owner or manager, you likely have an entrepreneurial spirit that motivates you to step outside the box and try new things; yet customers need to rely on knowing what to expect when they visit a FRESH Café, whether it’s in Seattle, Tampa or Philadelphia.

There must be consistency from store to store. By having the same delicious products in all of our outlets, with consistently high levels of service, we are able to build confidence in the mind of the customer, which drives people to our brand.

One of the amazing things about the FRESH Café, is that customers know that they can get their favorite smoothie or salad bowl, made of the exact same fresh and healthy ingredients anywhere in the world.

FRESH Café is a fast food franchise you can be proud of. You won’t be doing it alone. We are with you every step of the way. When there are new and exciting menu changes, we will equip you with everything needed in terms of detailed item preparation instructions, POS programming instructions and promotional material.

Consistency doesn’t mean that you’re not going to have a say! FRESH Café is a partnership, which means that if you have an idea, we are going to consider it because you are on the front lines and could be the first to spot emerging new trends.

express yourself

express yourself

FRESH Café has an online message board for the exclusive use of our store owners and managers. It’s a place to trade ideas and help one another out with the day-to-day issues you are facing.

If you have a new menu idea that you think fits with our fresh and healthy brand, please let us know.

If the item meets our requirements, we may introduce it as a special at all stores to see how it does. If it truly fits with the FRESH Café brand, we could introduce it to all of our locations.

Being part of a fast food franchise system can carry some limitations on your freedom as an operator. These limitations actually provide tremendous benefits not available to an independent operation, because there is proven success and experience as well as tools that takes the guesswork out of a new business.

Ready to be a part of the best healthy fast food franchise in the world? Contact us today.

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