We Love School – The Smart Franchise Opportunity

FRESH is a franchise opportunity that loves our future generation (it’s why we have a healthy combo created just for little ones).

smart franchise opportunitySchool fundraisers typically consist of pizza or hot dogs. That’s because they’re easy and most kids love them. They’re not the most nutritional option though are they? FRESH Café wants to change that! Schools can fundraise, provide nutritional food options, that kids will love (and being giddy with excitement over).

Smart and healthy kids go on to make smart and healthy decisions. FRESH fuels their brains with nutrient dense, brain loving foods that don’t rely on refined sugar for energy. Whole grains, whole fruit, and whole foods to satiate their hunger, and power their movements, while still tasting incredible. With nutritious options like FRESH, kids can go home and ask for the healthy foods that they’ve tried. Parents will also know that there is a healthy fast food option available in their area. They can pick up a meal after a long day, or grab and go to an after school activity. No matter what the reason, FRESH Café is there to support their healthy lifestyle.

FRESH doesn’t just provide schools with various food options, but also ideas on how to transport the food and drinks safely, and the most effectively. We want to make it simple for the school, and the franchise owner, so that things go smoothly.

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity that supports kids and communities, you’ll see that FRESH Café’s nutritious and delicious menu fits the nutritional needs of growing kids, whether it’s just smoothies or full box lunches.

Each city and district will be different in how they implement their fundraising and hot lunch programs through the school. It is possible that it is the principal, the local school board, or the school’s Parents’ Advisory Council (PAC, or PTA).

Another way that FRESH can get involved with schools, is by participating in a school fair or event that is doing community outreach.

When you’re considering a restaurant franchise opportunity, FRESH Restaurants is one that supports healthy lifestyles as well as healthy communities. And healthy kids and healthy schools are an important part of that.

Find out how you can support your local community with FRESH Restaurants by contacting us.

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