fresh squeeze

at Jersey City

Want to consume the nutrition from loads of vegetables without overworking the stomach? Whether you’re trying juices for the first time or want a regular routine of juice in your diet, we want to make juicing as easy and as convenient as possible. You can now build your own or select one of our signature creations.

Build Your Own Squeeze

We love options here! You get to call the shots and build your own Squeeze. Who knows, today could be the day you discover your new favorite juice!

Green Lemonade

Forget about coffee, reach for this nutrient dense green drink when you need a quick pick me up! This delicious recipe blends together leafy greens, sweet and tart fruits to create the most refreshing treat.

Fountain of Youth

This naturally sweet juice blends together two of the most powerful fruits out there! Whether you choose apple & strawberries or apple & blueberries, you get loads of antioxidants and dietary fiber from both combinations  – all you have to do is smack your lips and say “ahhhh”!

Beet Punch

Part sweet, part tart, part spicy, part awesome! Perfectly balanced in flavor, it contains Vitamins A, K and beta carotene from the carrots, vitamin C and polyphenols from the apples, antioxidants and folate from the beets, and anti inflammatory benefits from the ginger.

Cold Terminator

This is what we call fresh sunshine in a glass! A perfect winter booster with betacarotene and vitamin A from the carrots, and vitamin C from the oranges, it is naturally sweetened. Wait for the tangy kick from the ginger – Delicious!

Ginger Shot

This immunity booster packs a punch! Able to fight colds & viruses, ward off hangovers and soothe the digestive system – this little guy is bringing the heat!

Wheatgrass Shot

Wheatgrass is an effective healer because it contains ALL minerals known to man. Two ounces of wheatgrass juice contains the nutritional equivalent of five pounds of the best raw organic vegetables! Drink it in, my friends!