Reach Out and Touch a Fresh Café

Communication is key in any relationship, and it’s extremely important for any restaurant franchise.

Not only are we responsible for communicating with FRESH owners, but also communicating with customers.

fresh healthy eating restaurant franchiseAt FRESH Café, we strive to maintain a brand that is recognized throughout the world as a leader in promoting healthy food in a quick serve environment. We cater to millions of customers all over the globe, so it is vital that we are in touch with franchise owners, so we can notify them of training opportunities, specials, and new food and beverage offerings.

Equally as important as our communication with franchise owners, is your communication with customers.

Communication starts the moment a customer walks into a FRESH Café. Our signs and displays are not only made to entice, but also to inform and educate a customer on the delicious food and beverage options we have available. Our friendly staff answer questions, make suggestions, and offer tasty samples too. If a customer is dining in, it’s a great opportunity to ask how everything is tasting, and if they have any suggestions for improvements. Customers are the greatest asset for a restaurant franchise, and their opinion really matters.

The communication doesn’t end there. Communicating with a customer after they have left the restaurant is also critical to the well being of the restaurant franchise. Don’t have a lot of experience, or any at all when it comes to a communication plan? You don’t have have to worry about a that when you join FRESH Café.

FRESH Café is a unique restaurant franchise because value the partnership with the franchise owner. We truly believe that your success is our success, and we work hard at providing top-notch, high quality content, and materials that you’ll be so excited to share and send out to your customers. We’ll help you get out and get involved with your community, so that you become a vital heartbeat in it, and expose your neighbours to the amazing and vibrant FRESH healthy lifestyle.

We’ll help you get started on a great communication plan with your customers to ensure that they receive special offers, coupons, and a chance to try our new delectable seasonal options.

You’ll also be able to communicate and share fresh ideas and best work practices about restaurant franchises with a network of seasoned and new FRESH owners just like you.

With FRESH, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Ready to communicate with us your desire to join FRESH? Contact us today

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