Why Salads are a Building Block of Good Health

Fresh SaladSalads get a pretty bad rap for being healthy, but unpalatable. Most people imagine limp, bitter greens, that don’t inspire any culinary delight. Most of us know that we should be eating salad, but do you know why?

Salads are a convenient and simple way for you to increase your fruit and vegetable intake in one meal. They’re also the building blocks of good health because of their fiber content. Lettuce, and vegetables like celery and carrots provide fiber that can help to lower cholesterol levels and make you feel fuller for longer.

Salads also contain a lot of extra water content, so eating them will help you stay hydrated, which aids in digestion, and helps deliver nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to the body’s cells.

Vegetables, fruit, and lettuce, are naturally low fat, and with fiber, cuts calories, and increases satiation and satisfaction after a meal. Adding good fats to a salad in the form of healthy oils and fruits, like avocados deliver the necessary fats to that slows the release of glucose in the blood stream, and evens out large spikes in insulin that can lead to weight gain and excess fat storage.

A diet that includes daily consumption of salad has been proven to protect the heart and fight breast cancer.  Regular salad consumption also reduces the risk of diabetes because it increases magnesium intake. Chronic magnesium deficiency has been linked to diabetes.

Greens in lettuces like spinach contain vitamin k, which is essential in supporting bones. Vitamin A which is converted from beta carotene helps support eye sight.

A salad eaten at lunch or dinner with a lean protein helps with weight loss goals, while delivering maximum nutrition.

Try any of FRESH Café’s salads with lean turkey, chicken, or even hummus for a delicious well rounded and balanced meal that will energize you, and align with your healthy life style goals. Check out our amazing salads here.

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