The Taste of a Whole Foods Franchise

One of the things that sets FRESH Restaurants apart from other quick serve establishments is that we are a whole foods franchise. This means that in an industry dominated by fatty burgers and pizza, we serve up healthy portobello paninis. In a sea of sugary soda pops, we offer an oasis of pure, fresh juices and smoothies. Good health is our calling card. But in a world filled with unhealthy fare, many people aren’t aware of the benefits of a guava or a goji berry.

goji berries are a part of FRESH Cafe's whole foods franchise

They aren’t sure how to say “acai”, or why they need it (hint: it’s not only delicious, it’s amazing for you). We’ve got some serious educating to do if we want to turn Joe Burger King on to a fresh and healthy lifestyle. This education takes two forms. The first is raising awareness about the incredible health benefits of every one of our products.

As a part of a whole foods franchise, FRESH Restaurants provides all of our partners with a regular information to continuously educate and review those benefits so that you can communicate this amazing information to your customers).

We also want customers to experience our delightful whole food franchise product offerings. We’re not just nutritious – we’re also delicious!

Sampling is a critical pillar in educating customers about the health benefits they can get without sacrificing taste. FRESH Café will sample their products regularly and talk to customers about why our products are so beneficial to a healthy lifestyle by showing them how fuelled up and energetic they can feel. We also demonstrate how we’re just as fast as other greasy fast food restaurants.

FRESH Café is a whole foods franchise because we want to customers to open their eyes to how good health tastes. To see how healthy ingredients and nutrient dense foods an impact your life, and how you feel!

Find out how FRESH Café can change your life here.

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