Top 5 Reasons for Buying a Whole Foods Franchise

  1. Our global Success. FRESH has franchise restaurants all over the world. Our global market strategy has only begun, and yet we are on almost every continent. Our proven business methods clearly show our ability to repeat in all types of world markets.

    Regardless of culture, people are smarter, more health conscious, and are looking for healthy food options, that are still delicious. They are looking for a whole foods franchise.

    how to be successful when you buy a whole food franchise

    That’s why FRESH Café is the perfect franchise opportunity. It is an amazing product, backed by experience, and a network of other successful FRESH franchises.

  2. We’re partners.

    When you buy a whole foods franchise from FRESH, you are not just getting a manual.

    You are getting a committed lifetime partner. We will work with you towards your goals, and continue to provide brand support, and marketing and sales materials, as well as training and tutorials as needed. You will never feel alone, because FRESH Restaurants will be with you, every step of the way. We’ll help you develop mutually beneficial partnerships, and connect you with other FRESH franchise owners to share ideas and best practices.

  3. We’re here to help. The FRESH Restaurant team is dedicated to your success. We will provide you with marketing and in-store design assistance, as well as help to guide you through the initial start-up. Marketing and sales content, as well as menu changes will be provided from our head office, and we’ll be available to guide you through any new changes. FRESH will always support you with the necessary tools and help you develop strategies to reach your goals.
  4. We’re environmentally-conscious. FRESH is more than a whole foods franchise. Our mission is to support healthy lifestyles, and that includes a healthy planet. FRESH is built on the foundation that you can have a thriving and successful business, and still be good to people, the community, and the earth.
  5. We’re community focused. A healthy lifestyle needs a healthy community. And a healthy community needs healthy people. FRESH Restaurant is focused on providing communities with delicious and nutritious healthy food options and alternatives, that support an active and healthy life. Food is the fuel that powers our movement, feeds our minds, and helps people do great things. Awesome things. The kind of things that change the world.


Let’s do great things together. Find out how to Partner with FRESH today.

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