What kind of franchise opportunities are available at Fresh Restaurants?

There are two types of franchise opportunities available with FRESH Restaurants:

Unit Franchises: The franchisee pays a one-time franchise fee and opens a single outlet, with options on additional locations within the market and region.

Master Franchises: Area Development: FRESH partners with a local Master Franchiser in each state or country to develop the brand in that market, working with and supporting the Master Franchiser in establishing their own stores and recruiting franchise investors. Master Franchises are available in the U.S. and international markets, providing the developer with exclusive rights in a region.


There are two types of FRESH operating models:

Street-Front Café: 1,000sf – 1,500sf; specifically designed for busy street frontlocations; high exposure location with full menu and ample seating.

Mall and Airport Café: 400sf – 1,500sf in the best of the best regional malls and airports. BTW – we are in Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport which is the busiest airport in the world!

Franchisees have the opportunity to be successful business owners as the healthy fast casual food industry is extremely viable, has massive growth, relatively simple operations, requires low investment and offers very affordable products. Many markets are seriously underserved by this industry. The time may be ripe for you to have a close look at FRESH.

The experienced FRESH Restaurants team supports you with proven marketing strategies and tools, lease negotiations, store design and set-up, inventory management, business and technical assistance, supplier relationships and, of course, our fresh and healthy recipes. Your success as a franchisee is our goal. Our expert global support team is dedicated to ensuring your business is personally and financially rewarding. At FRESH, our franchisees are truly partners.

Want your own Fresh Restaurant or more info? Visit the Fresh Franchise info page here.

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