super smoothies

Superfoods, the star of our Super Smoothies, are nutrient-rich foods especially beneficial for health and well-being. Whether it’s an energy boost, post gym recovery or just looking for a pick-me-up- We’ve got you!

Kale Pineapple

Blended with loads of tropical pineapple, mango and banana, and the king of all veg: kale, one sip of this energizing smoothie will have you saying “oh kale yeah!”. 

*Availability may vary by location.

Avocado Dream

There is no mystery why we dream of avocados! High in healthy fats, nutrients and heart-healthy compounds, this will have you bouncing on cloud nine!

*Availability may vary by location.

Acai Mega Berry

Amp up your antioxidant intake and fight off the free radicals from day to day oxidative stress. Enjoy the benefits from five of the top nutrient-dense berries available. Nothing more, nothing less – how nature intended.

*Availability may vary by location.

Pitaya Passion

Also known as dragon fruit, Pitaya is a bright and beautiful, black speckled fruit full of phytonutrients and rich in antioxidants. It reminds us of a cross between kiwi fruit and pear – what do you think?

*Availability may vary by location.

Protein Power

High protein in your diet means you’ll stay fuller, and the energy you consume is more prolonged. Try a Protein Power Smoothie to gain over 30 grams of protein and all eight essential amino acids!

*Availability may vary by location.

Green Machine

Packed with leafy greens, fresh fruit and coconut water, our Green Machine will keep you hydrated and feeling refreshed!

*Availability may vary by location.