Chill with Fresh Cold Brew

Summer is here and with it, iced coffee season. We’re thrilled to announce the newest healthy addition to select Fresh Healthy Cafes, our delectable cold brew coffee.

We’re not talking about your average iced coffee here, but our 12-hour in house cold brew that takes summer coffee drink to the next level!

Coffee beans have been brewed into tasty cold drink in countries like Greece, Vietnam, Thailand and India throughout history. Although these traditional cold coffee drinks aren’t cold brewed, but hot brewed and served over ice. The earliest record of slowly brewing coffee beans in cold water was in Kyoto Japan during the 1600s.

So what is the difference between the two methods of brewing beans to enjoy a cold, tasty coffee?

Iced Coffee

Using any type of bean from Colombian to Espresso, the coffee grounds are heated up with boiling water and the liquid quickly extracts the flavour. The hot coffee is either allowed to cool or poured over ice to chill, sugar and milk are added for balance and sweetness. There isn’t too much difference between the coffee itself whether served hot or cold.

Cold Brew Coffee

The cold brew process is very different from that of hot brew. Coffee is soaked in cold water for a much longer period of time. At Fresh Healthy Cafe, we cold brew our coffee for 12 hours to slowly extract the luscious natural flavour from the beans. Unlike with hot brew, the coffee is never exposed to boiling hot water. Hot brewing is what makes coffee taste bitter. The cold brew method allows for the flavour to slowly be extracted and in the end gives you an evenly balanced and sweeter concentrated coffee.

Less Acidity

When coffee is cold brewed, the acidity is much lower than with boiling hot water. This is great for those who find coffee hard on the stomach. Less acidity gives people who avoid drinking coffee because it can cause upset stomach or heartburn a new alternative for coffee lovers!

Healthy Perks of Caffeine

Did you know that caffeine is your diet is good for you? In a study done by the American Heart Association journal Circulation, people who regularly drank moderate amounts of coffee daily (less than 5 cups per day) experienced a lower risk of deaths from cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, Type 2 diabetes and depression. With cold brewed coffee compared to hot brewed, the natural sweetness in cold brew doesn’t need as much sugar to balance the flavour. Most coffee lovers use less sugar in cold brew compared to iced coffee where the coffee is heated with hot water.

Fresh Healthy Cafe Twist

At Fresh, we love our delicious fruit smoothies! So why not take cold brew coffee to the next level? We’ve created our new coffee smoothie which is seriously yummy! Like all of our menu items, we only use the healthiest natural ingredients in our cold brew smoothies. Just like our cold brew coffee, our cashew milk is made in-house and is what gives our cold smoothies it’s creamy texture without high-fat dairy products. There’s no artificial sweeteners or unnatural flavours here. We proudly use only fair trade coffee in our 100% vegan smoothies and cold brew coffee. Our cold brew smoothie is sweetened with the honey like Agave nectar and added real vanilla and cocoa to make the perfectly balanced coffee smoothie. Enjoy the creamy goodness of cold brew coffee in a smoothie which is good for you!

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