Are There REALLY Any Healthy Fast Food Options?

That’s why FRESH is totally unique to the food industry.

When we think of fast food, we think of flash fried products, meat patties that have been sitting in greasy warming trays and enough salt that can send your blood pressure to dizzying heights! FRESH provides delicious healthy fast food that will get you on your way.

A FRESH healthy fast food option, the fresh cafe protein power bowl

Fresh protein power bowl

FRESH – Healthy Café offers a fresh and healthy food menu combined with world-class smoothies and juices for an award-winning concept

As a part of an active lifestyle, FRESH delivers healthy fast food choices in about as much time as you can get that calorie laden, super sodium sized burger and fries.

Nothing is a better healthy fast food than wheatgrass

Try a shot of amazing wheatgrass as a part of your healthy life

Even though all our menu items are made fresh before our customers’ eyes, using only natural ingredients of the highest quality, we have designed a formula that takes into consideration the ingredients and preparation to deliver a deliciously healthy meal as fast as our unhealthy fast food counterparts. Pure and premium is the best way to describe our food and drinks.

Here’s a tantalizing look at our FRESH healthy fast food menu:

Smoothies: 100% pure fruit smoothies with no sugar or artificial sweeteners – the healthiest and tastiest on the market, bar none!

Freshly Squeezed Juices: A nutritional power punch squeezed from fresh fruits and vegetables and chilled to perfection.

Wraps: Made fresh to order and grilled upon request.

Paninis: Mouth-watering sandwiches, grilled to perfection.

Signature Salads: Light and nutritious, as a meal or side item.

Hearty Soups: A daily selection of healthy soups, low in fat and sodium.

Lite Blendz: A delightful mix of 100% pure fruit juice with your favorite fruit makes for a guilt-free treat.

Wheatgrass: A shot of pure health, infused with nutrients.

Fresh Iced Teas: Organic black tea shaken with 100% pure fruit juice – totally refreshing!

Organic Coffees & Teas: A variety of healthy espresso bar drinks, both hot and iced. Our full coffee program is available at select locations only.

Specialty Extras: Healthy and unique grab-and-go products for active people on the run.

At FRESH, we are extremely passionate about all aspects of our business, and are very confident that our proven operating systems are second to none. Our healthy fast food menu reflects our lifestyle goals and efficiently delivers nutrient dense whole food in an it-had-to-be-done-yesterday society without sacrificing your health.

Ready to eat? Find out what’s on the menu.

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