Introducing Re-Fresh – A Juice Program

Acr21803805242304-2647210Fresh Healthy Cafe reFresh Juice Program is now available at select locations! Whether you’re looking for a full on juice cleanse, or to add a healthy boost of vitamins and nutrients into your diet; our all natural, fresh squeezed juices offer nutritional options for everyone.

Juice Cleanse

A juice cleanse is meant to reset eating habits, support your body’s natural detox and kickstart a healthy diet. Most commonly done over a three day period by replacing heavy solid foods with healthy, nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables, your body absorbs energy from the juice. Selecting a balanced juice cleanse program is very important. Just drinking one type of juice combination won’t give you all the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.

Adding Juices

It’s tough to eat the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables, especially when life today can get so hectic and busy. It’s also not always convenient to eat raw fruits and vegetables on the go. Adding juice to an already healthy, balanced diet is the perfect way to boost energy, lose weight and feel better. Our specially created juice menu has options for any time of day

Types Of Juicers

There are many different types of juicers available on the market today. Commercial, industrial units to home small appliances, high end to economic, nearly every manufacturer of home appliances has some type of juicer on store shelves. There are basically two types of juicers – centrifugal and masticating. The difference being, a centrifugal juicer uses a press to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, while a masticating juicer uses an auger. For home juicers the price difference between the two can be upwards of hundreds of dollars.
At Fresh Healthy Cafe we looked at numerous different models of juicers for our franchise locations before choosing a high-end commercial grade centrifugal juicer. Even for home juicers, choosing a model made with quality parts is most important to ensure as much of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables are not lost.

Our Process

All of our juices are made from fresh, non-GMO fruits and vegetables. Our stores also support locally grown products when seasonally available, helping their own local communities. Juices are made fresh and bottled daily, giving you the highest quality of fresh pressed juice. Our fresh squeezed juices are then finished by a final filtration process to remove any extra oxygen from the juicing process while maintaining all the crucial nutrients and vitamins. We’re also proud to introduce our recycle and save program! Return your old bottles and save $1 off your next purchase.

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