FRESH is a Green Fast Food Franchise

a green fast food franchiseHow important is it for a fast food franchise to be environmentally friendly?

A recent study conducted in the midst of the recession revealed that 62% of consumers claim that the state of the economy has no effect on their commitment to making environmentally-friendly purchase decisions.

At FRESH Café, we promote a fresh and healthy lifestyle. This extends beyond what we put into our bodies, to the impact we have on our community and planet. FRESH Café is a fast food franchise that represents a healthy choice in every way. It’s why we insist on using compostable packaging for our food and drink products.

How can FRESH Café help you be more green?

Here are some ideas that our stores have implemented to be more “green” (and saved on overhead expenses too):

Lighting – By switching light bulbs, stores use less energy, while still maintaining the same brightness. Cold cathode lamps last five times longer than regular bulbs, while using 80% less energy. The bulbs have a higher up front cost, however, this cost is offset over time through the costs saved. Since they require changing less frequently, any hard to reach lights don’t require the added cost of maintenance as well.

Refrigeration – Energy Star equipment gives you more cool for less cost, reducing energy consumption by up to 30%. On average it takes 1.5 years to cover off the price of the equipment through energy savings; after that, it is like getting 4 months of refrigeration for free each year!

Water – By installing water saving fixtures, the FRESH Cafe restaurant’s water usage can be reduced by up to 150 gallons per day. This can represent huge annual water cost savings, and thousands of gallons of water that doesn’t get wasted.

Cleaning Products – Every gallon of locally-produced concentrate used eliminates the energy and greenhouse gas impacts of transporting more than 120 gallons of pre-mixed cleaning products. Local cleaning products are just as suitable for cleaning, and the bonus for using biodegradable products, is that they break down naturally in the environment, and generally made with products that aren’t harsh on skin, eyes, or your lungs.

Paper – Every ton of 100% recycled content paper saves enough trees to filter 400 kilograms of carbon dioxide and provide oxygen for 35 people. Plus, recycled napkins aren’t bleached with harsh chemicals.

Buying Locally – Help sustain your local economy by buying local products whenever possible. Look at your local community shops, fairs, and stores. Be informed about where it’s made. You’ll be helping a neighbour and your community. Every dollar you spend on locally-produced goods adds $3 in value to your community.

Are you excited about joining a FRESH fast food franchise? We’d love to hear from you, so contact us today.

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